Thursday, April 16, 2020

Rich In South Africa

Rich In South AfricaPoor Richard The Second is smart as a whip, but the joy of this book is that he cannot actually read the thoughts of others. As his owner, Miss Madeline Bloomfield, says, 'It's not my fault he can't remember things. He was given an extraordinary gift.'He has ADHD, which also makes him very difficult to listen to, but his otherwise healthy mind and body make him the perfect lawyer. In this second novel, we see how he might represent himself at a trial, for instance.For some reason, every kid I knew had a whole lot of books on the Third Amendment, and probably a good deal more on the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. They all seemed to be entitled to the same rights, at least.Of course, in South Africa, it is illegal to be racist towards blacks, but I wonder if the discrimination is real or just made up by some of the whites there. If all of their laws are not mere figments of imagination, then maybe they have one foot in the wrong place.It was not a bad idea for Richard to fly down there in the first place. After all, he has always wanted to be able to fly, but always wondered if it was actually for the right reasons. Richard The Second may not be quite as clever as he used to be, but it's still worth reading, and maybe his friends will find it humorous, rather than offensive.Another possible way to start a 'how to' story is to simply have your kids to describe what they see when they look in the mirror. I wonder if they would ever ask any questions about their descriptions.Rich in South Africa must have been very proud of him because he carries a medal in his pocket, which he says was given to him for his outstanding performance during a recent fighting competition. This is a step up from the one gold he got from fifth grade baseball in England.Richard The Second is such a classic that I doubt you could go wrong with it. It is a quick read, but the lessons are essential for everyone.

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